Hire Toys

No id Cat Toyname Manufacturer
J93 Transportation Junior Toys
S27 70th Disco Dress
S24 Princess Purple Dress
P106 Frozen Olaf floor Puzzle
P105 Animals Puzzle
G50 Princess Snap Cards game
C117 Little People/ Brigade Station/ Plane/ Police/ Ambulance
C103 Princess doll
J203 Rainbow Caterpillar
S25 Peppa Pig Dress
J204 Cupcake box
C118 Little People/ Play Ground/ Ice Cream Truck
J202 Sensory Junior Toys
S28 White Princess Dress
G49 Toy Story Matching Numbers
J201 Pushing Plane and Bee
P107 Harry Potter Puzzle
F87 Vilac Scooter with basket
P102 Wooden Zoo Puzzles
G47 Jitterbugs Game
G48 Guess Who?
A8 Race Track Box
I45 Drum Band with holders
F101 Fisher Price Activity Table with Phone
J197 Farm play mat with animals
F102 Kitchen Trolley + bag
I44 Set of instruments
M47 Magnetic Tiles
C42 Luxury Pet Shop set with animals
M45 Magnetic Building block
J187 Bead Toy and Bug Garden
J186 Musical Station and Shapes
J188 Push along toys
J185 Baby Sensory toys Activities
F46 BBQ Set Fisher Price
C116 Fairy Set
M43 Wooden School Abacus ( Calculator)
A61 Remote Formula 1 Racing Car
A62 Remote Racing Car
J183 Fisher Price Pull Telephone + Pull Along play Dog
P96 Puzzle Pouch Zoo Animals
P95 Bob the Builder Puzzles with activity book
G40 Janod Memory Game
G39 Wiggles Colors ad Shapes Learning Cards
J182 Ipad Early Learning Centre
C114 Little People Garage
M40 Thomas & Friends Drawing with pen and book
B53 Duplo tractor and trailer
J181 Unicorn Musical
J180 Shape Sorter
C113 Hot Wheels Batman
S21 Superman costume
J178 Assorted Diggers
J179 Set of Cars and Trucks
A59 Wood Blocks
M39 Buzz Lighyear + Head Potato
J177 Construction set of cars
C112 Racing cars
J173 Pig Counting and Musical money box
J174 Fisher Price Musical Animals Puzzle
J175 Fisher Price Shape blocks
PP13 Colorful Tunnel
J171 Baby Rattle Pack
B51 Lego Duplo Train Set
J176 Fisher rice Cow Roller
C110 Shopping basket with fruits and vegetables
J170 Coloured Counting Rings
C111 Fire Engine Tonka
C109 Ultimate Sport Vehicle Surfer
B50 Lego Caterpillar Mega Blocks
J169 Tiny Touch Tablet
I41 Musical Instruments pack
B49 Mega Blocks fishing set
P92 Car Wooden Puzzles
P93 Wooden Animal Puzzle
P91 Wooden Tool Box
P90 Dinossaurs Puzzle
P88 Farm and Mountain Puzzles
I40 Little Tikes Xylo/Piano
B48 Pet Shop Lego
C107 Town train set
C12 Afternoon Tea pot set
G36 Rush Hour Traffic Game
J166 Pusher Caterpillar + Musical Caterpillar
J167 Pusher Train
B14 Georello Circus enginnering building
P17 Farm Animal Chunky Puzzles
G35 Word Dominoes
J89 Bead Threading Frame
J165 Blocks shapes cube
J26 Puppies Day musical chair
I11 Clatterpillar + tambourim + shakers
J164 Junior construction
J157 Garden Bead Frame
P81 Alphabetic Letters Number Puzzle
I37 Junior Lion Piano
A52 Wooden Bowling Set
G31 Animal matching game
C95 Pink Fisher Price vanity
P71 Frozen Floor Puzzle