Frequently Asked Questions


How many toys can I borrow?

Per membership you may borrow up to 6 items, being 4 toys, costume, games and 2 additional puzzles.

How long can I borrow the toys for?

2 weeks. Toys can be renewed twice before their due date for up, keeping them for up to six weeks. When the items are not returned by due date, you have until the next opening time to return before a fine applies. There's a small fine of AUD$1 (one dollar) per week and per item when you come in store to return them. 

Borrowing toys

We suggest that members check their toys at home before children play with them. This includes counting pieces and checking nothing is damaged. Please note that batteries may have been flat and it is not mandatory to replace them.
If something is missing, please email us as soon as possible to advise and we can organise a replacement or a fix when needed - and no extra charge will be asked from you.

Returning Items

We ask all members to have all items cleaned before returning, we ask that costumes be washed and dried after play.
Instructions on how to clean toys.
We have wipes available in store to support any last minute clean.
Any problems with any of the toys, please reported to our Coordinator or Volunteer on your return.  

Overdue Toys

We kindly ask that items be returned before their due date, or on the next day of opening after the due date. The failure of returning within timeframe will incur a small of AUD$1 (one dollar) per week per item.

Lost Parts and Dirty Toys

We know it can happen! Lost parts incur a fine of AUD$5 (five dollars) per part.
In case of the dirty toys or costumes, members are asked to re-borrow a dirty toy for a further two weeks and return it clean.

Broken or Lost Toys

The return of any toy that has been damaged will be referred to the Committee. We realise that sometimes toys break as a result of normal wear and tear and there will be no charge to the borrower. However, if the toy is damaged through misuse, the borrower may be asked to fix the toy or incur some cost.
The Committee will deal with lost toys on a case-by-case basis.

Safety of Toys

Some toys contain small pieces and batteries. Please choose carefully if you have a very young child.
We recommend the use of helmets with tricycles and other ride-on toys. A helmet waiver must be signed before borrowing any ride on toys.

Roster Duty

All members can volunteer to help out with a 2-hour shift at the toy library.
You can book it online via our Roster area on the website.
By doing it, there's a AUD$20 (twenty dollars) discount on your next 1 year of membership.
The volunteering task required: assisting the coordinator with cleaning and tidying, welcoming members, assisting members to find toys, and counting returned toy pieces etc..

Fundraising and Stock Take

Stocktake is an annual event in summer when toys are checked and cleaned. Assistance with stocktake is greatly appreciated to ensure that all toys are correct and up to date.
A variety of fundraising events may be held throughout the year, it is expected members will get involved in at least some of these events - and an email will come your way asking for volunteer.

Toy availability

Toy loaning is based on what is available at the Toy Library. Reserving general toys is not possible. 
Party Packs can be hired and these can be reserved in advance however the additional toys can not and is based on what is available in stock.

Online Member Portal Login Troubleshooting

If the login doesn't work, Press the RESET PASSWORD to re-issue your username and password.  At the prompt, enter your email address and press "Email my Password".  
You will receive an email with a default password. If an email doesn't arrive, please check your junk/spam folder. Enter your new details into the Login page and press Login.
Please get in touch with us via email if you continue to have problems